Liquid concrete application


Our latest development is a mobile machine that can produce liquid floor systems and carry out repairs. Quantities from 0.1 m³ to 400 m³ production of liquid soil is possible daily, with one and the same mixing system.

With equipment on board for up to 10 m³ of soil and aggregates, small construction sites are just as feasible in the city centre as continuously filling the system with aggregates and soil for large construction sites or central mixing stations with a daily output of 400 m³ / day.

Due to the compact design of our mixing technology, a small amount of space is required for liquid soil production. It is also possible to mix and fill directly on the construction site in the city centre, without major emissions to residents and the environment. As a result, construction processes can be significantly optimised and shortened.

Direct weighing, correct execution of the recipe and perfect dosing – all quality requirements according to FGSV, DWA 139 and also RAL 507 are met.

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Liquid Soil application