A sustainable solution for the future

Foam concrete is a sustainable and energy-saving building material, which is increasingly being used to build housesto become more sustainable. It consists ofcement, water and a foaming agent.The large amount of air bubbles in foam concrete creates alight, strong construction.To make foam concrete even stronger canfiberbeing added. Foam concrete consists ofnatural resourcesand isfully recyclable.


The unique composition of foam concrete makes it almost as strong as regular concrete. It is just much lighter. The air bubbles make foam concrete highly insulating. After all, stagnant air insulates heat, as in a cavity wall or with double and triple glazing. Another property of foam concrete is that it completely fills in and thus seals off spaces from air and moisture. Ideal for floor insulation. Once cured, foam concrete is insensitive to temperature. The material is therefore also frost-resistant.

All the advantages in a nutshell.

  • It is easy to apply without complicated, costly timber or metal structures.
  • It seals the crawl space air- and moisture-tight, giving no chance for draughts or moulds.
  • It has a high insulation value due to the air bubbles.
  • It is suitable as a substrate for any kind of top floor.
  • It has a sound-damping effect.
  • It is more economical than alternative floor constructions.

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Foam concrete